At this point I would like to touch upon some aspects, which should go without saying (at least from my point of view).

Everyone, who plays dog Frisbee, is a representative of the sport. Outsiders cannot differentiate between hobby and sport.

    •    Therefore you should show consideration for your surroundings including the people and dogs there.

          You like to be treated the same way too, right?

    •    Keep the environment clean: pick up what your dog leaves behind. 

          No matter if someone has seen it or not.

    •    Make sure your dog behaves correctly. 

          Incorrect behaviour can be embarrassing or even become dangerous!

: No matter where you play,there will be allways people watching you and if they like it,they will ask alot of questions.
Remember the time when you discovered the sport for yourself and your dog:
Share your exitement with them,be polite and patient,they will remember.

Thanx Julia

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